DesiRent™ oxygen disinfection - Oxygen disinfection
is a natural additive-free method for disinfecting production equipment.

Ready and easy disinfection solution for the food and beverage industry. DesiRent™ replaces chemicals with a natural and environmentally friendly ozone treatment.


DesiRent™ produces an
on-site disinfectant from oxygen and water Oxygen disinfection is a natural, additive-free method for disinfecting production equipment.

DesiRent™ oxygen disinfection -
disinfect without chemicals

DesiRent™ happidesinfiointi - desinfioi ilman kemikaaleja

The consumer wants to buy additive-free food
DesiRent™ disinfects without E-codes
Foods with a longer shelf life are more suitable for international trade chains
Additive-free products attract premium buyers

Advanced oxidation process

Oxygen disinfection reduces the time spent on cleaning, labor costs and harmful chemicals. At the same time, the quality and shelf life of food, improve. Lehtech Oy sells, rents, leases and installs oxygen disinfection systems for the food and beverage industry, and cleaning and disinfection equipment based on their use.

You reduce the use of chemicals (e.g. peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorite)
You shorten the
time spent on cleaning and
You increase the productivity of the production line
You improve the microbiological quality of the food and extend its shelf life.
You reduce hot water consumption

Here's how it works - bacteria

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